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«Interview With a Friend» 

Link to the play

Interview With a Friend

Documentary one-man show (18+)

PlaywrightAndriy Bondarenko

Director: Oleg Oneshchak

Scenographer: Volodymyr Stetskovych

Actor: Andriy Petruk

the premiere took place at the Scenography Gallery (Lviv, Lesya Theater) on 18.IX.2019

Nazar, an “unneeded man” with a university degree and occasional construction work, lives as he can. One day, walking home after a night of drinking with a friend, he meets Ira, a prostitute. He doesn’t have money to pay for her, and she doesn’t have an order yet. The chance meeting beckons them both with some vague hopes. But how do you open up to someone else when you have too many difficult and strange experiences behind you? The story of a small person who has a lot of explosive energy inside him, which tears him apart in search of his own direction.

Video from the performance

Photo from the performance